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This accessibility statement applies to and has been updated on 26th January, 2024. The website is subject to the Act on the Provision of Digital Services. Under the Act, public online services must be accessible. This website should be compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. AA Standard.
We have evaluated the accessibility of the service ourselves. We detect problems related to the site’s accessibility, for example, using the service, and we constantly correct the accessibility deficiencies found in the site and its content. The website was published in December 2023.

Accessibility of the service

The website largely meets the requirements of the accessibility criteria required.

Inaccessible content

Some parts of the website are not fully accessible. The key shortcomings in the accessibility of the online service are described below.

Noticeable: Use of colors
Inaccessible content and its shortcomings
According to the Wave checker, the web page has too little contrast in certain parts of the site.
Links are not marked other than with colors.
Accessibility requirements that are not met
1.4.3 Contrast (minimum)
1.4.1 Use of colors

Manageable: Navigation and user interface
Inaccessible content and its shortcomings
The site does not use breadcrumbs, so the location on the site cannot be determined in several ways. The location can only be found through the address bar.
Accessibility requirements that are not met
2.4.5 Multiple ways

Did you notice a lack of accessibility in our online service?

Tell us about the lack of accessibility and we will do our best to fix it. We welcome comments, questions and suggestions for improvements related to the accessibility of our website using this online form.

Supervisory authority

If you find that the accessibility requirements are not met at our website, please contact us first to report the issue. It may take up to 14 days for us to reply. If you are not satisfied with our answer or you fail to get an answer from us within 14 days, you can report the matter to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland. You will find detailed information about how the matter is dealt with on the website of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland.

Contact information for supervising authority
Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland
Accessibility supervision unit
Tel. (switchboard) +358 (0)295 016 000